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I’m guessing you’re here because you’re in pain – physical, psychological or emotional (or all three). Maybe you feel stuck and you’re frustrated that everything else you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked; you want to get out of pain and you’re willing to do whatever that takes, but no one has been able to help you understand what’s happening at the root level and guide you through the exact steps to take to ensure you not only heal fully, but come out of this moving even more confidently through life and trusting your body again (or maybe trusting it for the first time ever). You’re looking for something or someone different.

The Kinetix™ difference:

A powerful and long lasting result depends on identifying the root causes: physical, mental, neurological (including anything hanging out in the subconscious and especially the nervous system), habitual and emotional.

Kinetix™ is more than a bodywork method: it acts like an investigatory tool we can use together to “map” your fascial and nervous systems to find out how you’re moving through life and where you may be out of integrity, release the necessary restrictions and adhesion, interrupt unwanted neurological patterns and get you out of pain (usually quickly).

My specialty is helping you identify nervous system soft-wiring that may be preventing you from healing fully or feeling free to live life on your terms.

My highest priority is that you get what you need to heal at the root level. If I suspect this work isn’t what you need to do that, I will refer you out to someone in my network: a personal trainer (if, say, you have glute muscles not firing), a chiropractor, psychotherapist, massage therapist or acupuncturist.

I can help with:

  • Acute and chronic pain – especially if you’ve “tried everything” and nothing has worked.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Physical and psychological optimization for high performance – bring all of your systems into integrity, optimize your fascia, nervous system and brain<>body connection for your fast-paced lifestyle and expanding goals, whether they’re sports related, you’re in a high stakes career, or both.
  • Nervous system issues like MS, fibromyalgia and anxiety.
  • Feeling “stuck” in life despite ‘trying everything’ – this indicates a persistent nervous system pattern.

Reasons for seeing me in this arena could be anything from uncertainty about life/career direction to repeating the same unhealthy relationship patterns or maybe your brain is stuck in a feedback loop of perceiving physical pain, even though there’s no reason for the pain any longer; the only requirement is you must want to change and want that change now, and your commitment to the process has to be 1000%. If it is, I can absolutely help and it would be my honor to do so.

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Skype Consultations:

I offer Skype consultations and mentorship at $150/hr.

If you’re in pain and want my unique perspective on your situation, I’d love to help! I’m really good at solving puzzles even long distance these days. I may be able to add the missing clue you’ve been looking for so you can get out of pain and back to living life.

I can also work with nervous system dysfunction via Skype by helping you identify your nervous system soft-wiring and how it could be keeping you stuck in life, career, your body or relationships, and offer practical steps to break those unwanted patterns and create a body and life you love.

Body workers and healthcare practitioners: if you’re looking for one on one mentoring in the fields of fascia, nervous system patterns, pain relief and pain patterns, how to add value to your clients so you can charge more and uplevel your life – I can help.

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