Certified Kinetix Practitioners

  • Julia Harvat Lakewood, CO
  • Julia Harvat

    Lakewood, CO

    Phone: (513)319-2421
    Email: julia@denvermobility.com
    Website: Denvermobility.com
    Location: 1250 Simms St #103 Lakewood, CO 80401

  • Jason McQueen Boulder, CO
  • Jason McQueen

    Boulder, CO

    Phone: 303-882-6375
    Email: jason@mcfitpt.com
    Website: https://www.mcfitpt.com/
    Location: 555 30th St, Boulder, CO 80303

    We, at McFit Fitness Inc, are here to create an enjoyable, challenging, and extremely rewarding experience for you.

    To Jason, you aren’t just a client. You are a part of his family. Jason really cares about your well-being, and he will work with you on a personal level to help you achieve your goals. He has had extensive experience with athletes from numerous sports and those recovering from injuries. He has worked with novice, recreational and professional individuals from various walks of life.

    When you make an investment in personal training and Kinetix, you make an investment in yourself. If you don’t take care of your body, where else are you going to live? Let McFit Fitness Inc. help put you on a healthy and pain free road.

  • Kerry Manley Boulder, CO
  • Kerry Manley

    Boulder, CO

    Phone: 303-877-0554
    Email: kinetixwithkerry@gmail.com
    Website: kinetixwithkerry.com
    Location: Boulder, CO

    Kerry is passionate about helping people cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies in order to live and move with confidence and joy. She is an avid martial artist and world traveler, and loves spending as much time as possible outdoors. Kerry worked closely with Elisha Celeste, the founder of Kinetix Fascial Integration, before becoming one of Elisha’s first four apprentices. She now enjoys her own thriving Kinetix practice based in Boulder, CO and is pursuing her PhD in Jungian psychology.